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Welcome to this Utilities Pages
NSO's Banner Exchange    NSO's Dedication Pages     NSO's DreamCatchers    Sister's Awards  

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On behalf of the Net Sisters Org and the Utility Committee are we proud to provide the following utilities:

"NSO Banner Exchange" 
- the utility where You could introduce your lovely site to your fellow-sisters and others who want to visit

"NSO DedicationPages"
- the page where you could post the url to the dedication page you have made for the Net Sisters Org 

- the utility for web competiting sisters - and for sisters who want to help their sisters to reach their dreams...

"Sister's Awards"
Do you have an award your sister could request for? Here is the utility for you!

As we all know - a Net Sister is a woman filled with go-ahead spirit, creativity and imagination  
- and all utilities listed in this site are established by the Utility Committee especially for those of our NetSisters who want to show their creativity and ability. 

To navigate thru the site use the links - you would find a row at the top of each page which contains the main page of each utility and another row at the bottom which display the pages laying under the main page. Hopefully would this make it easy for you to reach the utility you want to visit from every page at the site.

Wishing you a pleasant journey thru some of the most beautiful sites created with love by your Net Sisters. Enjoy your stay and call back often, remember your sisters are updating and reorganizing their sites all the time! 


The Utility Committee

NSO's Banner Exchange   Sister's Awards   NSO's Dedication Pages   NSO's DreamCatchers   

The beautiful work of art used at this page is called "Guinevere II" and is made by Jonathon Earl Bowser. Click on the banner below to visit his site - you wouldn't regret a visit