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Net Sisters Org's "Banner Exchange" 
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Welcome to the utility-page where all Sisters who are current members of the Net Sisters Org could add their site banners so other Sisters can visit. 

Do you want your banner at this page? 
First of all you have to have a banner, required size is 468 x 60 pixels and due to the loading time is the limit 25 kB. If you want to add your pages but have no banner and do not know how to make one you may try to contact the Design Suite Committee, the Graphic team, they could perhaps help you - or if you want too I would love to make one to you! 

When you have your banner, please, send it together with your url and your sister name to - and I would add it to the page for you! 

To your notice - each and every sites of the following URL's will be open in a new window.


Sister Angie

Sister Blue

Sister Breezy

Sister Carla

Sister Catfancy

Sister Cindy

Sister Desert Rose


Sister Dizzy aka Mary

Sister Electra

Sister LakesMyst

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