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Chicago Weblogs - "Weblogs from, in, around, or about Chicago."

GBlogs - UK-based weblogs

Montreal Weblogs - Section in Ed's bookmarks

Seattle Weblogs - Listed on the right-hand panel of Anita's LOL

Southern Blogs - "Serving up Wit with our Grits". Home of the southern blogs webring and portal.

Toronto Blogs - On the sidebar of 

UK Blogs - Thanks to Meg at Not So Soft.

Aussie blogs - A webring for Australian webloggers.

BlogCanada Webring is a webring for Canadian webloggers.

Kiwi Blogs - A webring for New Zealand webloggers.

Lijst van Nederlandse WebLog pagina's - Weblogs in the Netherlands.

Southern Bloggers - For those in the American South