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Sister Name


AlleyCat "My name stems from my love of cats, of course, but the name "Alley" is not just another word for "little back streets"!  My Chocolate-Point Siamese, Alexandria, is who I am named after.  I will always call her "My AlleyCat"..."
AlpineDesire "The name AlpineDesire was born after a LONG LONG LONG discussion ... I loved all the sisters names with NetSisters and of course I wanted an original name for myself... a name that expressed my biggest passion.. the mountains... Since I live in Holland, also beautiful, but O so flat..., I am always longing to the mountains.. so finally... my sister name was born... AlpineDesire! I wished I could be there forever!"
Blue "I was feeling blue when I rejoined Net Sisters, so that is the name I chose.  Plus it is shorter & easier to spell than my old sister name: mandieleigh."
Catfancy "Well when I first came online I got online through school so I didn't really have a login name but I found VPlaces the chat program I went to and needed a name... So I thought long and hard and couldn't come up with any thing... Well I took one of my cats to the Vet and there lying in the exam room was a copy of Catfancy they magazine for cat lovers... Since Cats are my favorite animals in the whole world I kinda took it on.. the other nice thing was that noone else really had that name there were alot of Cats but no catfancy(s) so I took and when people meet me in real life from online they still call me cat.... hahahahaha... And that is how I got my name"
Dizzy "My nickname was bestowed on me lovingly by my hubby John.  Why did he dub me "Dizzy?"   I get nasty migraine headaches & have a horrible time with depth perception during them.  Walking into walls is one of the lovely things I tend to do during a migraine ... BUT, I also have this goofy habit of skating around our home in my socks & banging into the walls to stop myself...  due to both things John started calling me "Dizzy" & it's stuck for over 7 years.  Our little men also have a habit now & neither of us can figure it out, when I tickle them, well, most kiddos will yell
"UNCLE!"  Ours yell out "UNCLE Dizzy!"  Go figure! ;-)"
Domynoe "My name was given to me by my soon to be ex, but I couldn't even begin to imagine NOT being called Domynoe, so it stays.  And we don't remember how or when he gave it to me..  It was pretty early in the relationship though"
Dusty "Not too long ago I was searching for just the right name for my linkware graphic website.  One of my favorite flowers is roses.  I was toying with Crimson Rose, Crystal Rose and Dusty Rose.  Finally I settled on Dusty Rose.  Since my is not Rose, I decided to use the alias Dusty."
Electra "I first saw the name in the movie "Assassins" with Stallone and Bandaras.  She was a computer "freak" AKA genius.  I loved the personality and the character so I grabbed it for when I got online.  And used it when I re-joined Net Sisters when I moved from Ca - Fl. :-) "
Ice Princess "Let's see not all the odd....was born and raised in NorthWestern PA.  Lived on top of a hill in the middle of no where and in the winter time it seemed like I was the princess of my own little realm.  Also...been called 'cold' on many occasions by ex-boyfriends LOL"
KiwiNessie "I am Sister Nessie, but in a lot of online places Nessie was already taken.  Nessie is a nickname for Vanessa and I love it because of it's fantasy implications.   I decided to add the Kiwi for a unique and patriotic flavour.  The funny thing is that now if you wander into Yahoo Games you'll see oodles of Kiwi- prefixed nicknames, and I'm related to a few of them too.   I liked my nickname so much I chose it as my domain name."
LakesMyst "This was a gift to me from a very dear friend. I can't tell you how many names I'd gone through before he started calling me LakesLady. I live in Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes, and my very favorite spot on the planet is The Water's Edge. (hence the name of my site!) All of this, the name, the theme, the persona of LakesLady, stems from that one conversation. A huge thanks to the Beast from the Bayou!! "
Teresa AKA
"LDWMOM is a name I came up with when I needed a user name for my ISP, it stands for Lonzo, Daniel, and William's mom, those are my 3 boys, and it was the inquest thing I could come up with and still remember. btw, if you would like to see the little 'darlings' they are at"
Mercy "It all started way back in the 90's when a friend of mine introduced me to BBSing... well I had to pick an alias for the boards so I sat with my girlfriend and we went though a list of names like Faith, Fiend, Patience... finally settled on Mercy because I came up with the tagline "Beg for it"... as in Beg for Mercy LOL... it stuck and it's been my alias for a lot of things for over 5 years now."
Mstyeyes "When I first got involved in the cyber world...I made a friend.  Well, this particular friend had extenuating circumstances that caused our friendship to have to dissolve...quite quickly.  I was sad.  From then on I was called by some other close online friends: "misty eyes" because I was so hurt by that situation.  It stuck.  I changed the spelling and it's me!  (no..not really misty-eyed anymore...:) "
Tickie "Well, I wish it was as interesting as everyone else's, but... LOL
In high school a bunch of my friends started calling me Tickie because I am sooooo ticklish! LOL  It stuck and everyone called me that, some didn't even know my real name!"
VolkswagonFreak "My name has a pretty simple meaning. I have loved Volkswagen Beetles every since I was a little kid. When I was younger I would count how many beetles I saw everyday. Now that I finally have one I'm even more obsessed :) So I am a VolkswagonFreak :) "

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