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Net Sisters Org. uses gemstones to represent our committee members, and NSO management.  Have you ever wondered why we use gemstones to represent ourselves?

According to Dizzy, our remaining founder, NSO started using stones to represent the members of each committee the same time they came up with the committees.  In the beginning they only had five committees, Artistic (Stone: Sapphire), Precious Stones (Stone:  Emerald), Butterfly (Stone:  Opal), Welcome (Stone:  Jade), and Causes (Stone:  Pearl).

"Honestly, there is no real story behind why we chose the stones we did, cuz if I had had my way (I was creating an email addy for NSO when the choices were being made in our ICQ chat) the emerald stone would have represented Causes, how they were chosen was each founder chose the stone she liked (since the emerald had been snagged I chose pearl)."

Diamonds were chosen for the leaders because, as the saying goes "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."  The NSO leaders wanted to be known more as friends then as leaders.  "Since we were to be an organization of women we chose gemstones to represent ourselves, after all, what woman doesn't appreciate gems."

Ruby was chosen for the leaders assistants because "rubies & diamonds just seemed to go hand in hand."

As the number of NSO committees grew, the diamonds were the ones who chose what stone they wanted to represent their committees.  Personal preferences is how the gems came to represent each committee.

Listed below are the stones currently being used, and a listing of some available stones.  Images of the stones are shown when available.

Net Sisters Org.
General Stones

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Ruby ruby.jpg (1719 bytes)
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Committee Stones

Birthday Tiger's Eye No Image
Design Suite Star Sapphire star_sapphire.jpg (1934 bytes)
Grievance Aventurine aventurine.jpg (1718 bytes)
Holiday Cheer Tanzanite tanzanite.jpg (1640 bytes)
Precious Stones Emerald emerald.jpg (1622 bytes)
Secret Sisters Zoisite zoisite.jpg (1688 bytes)
Inspirational Sisters Agate agate.jpg (1286 bytes)
Sisters of Support Pearl pearl.jpg (1550 bytes)
Social Butterflies Opal opal.jpg (1921 bytes)
Utility Moonstone moonstone.jpg (1543 bytes)
Welcome Wagon Jade jade.jpg (1363 bytes)
Young Sisters Amethyst amethyst.jpg (1475 bytes)

Unused Stones

Amber No Image
Aquamarine aquamarine.jpg (1764 bytes)
Azurite No Image
Carnelian No Image
Celestite No Image
Citrine citrine.jpg (2149 bytes)
Flourite No Image
Jasper No Image
Lapis lapiz.jpg (1703 bytes)
Malachite No Image
Obsidian No Image
Tourmaine No Image
Turquoise No Image


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